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Ahoy! Today we are dealing with a very special music enthusiast that is constantly rewriting history.
This guy acts like a wormhole, making shortcuts through the spacetime continuum.
Just when you think you heard it all... he surprises with something old... I mean new...
...and now something completely different:
Golly McCry

Artists usually have an intrinsic imperative to create music... Why do you make music?
Well I would not think of myself to be an artist, when I create music, it's rather the joy and excitement of the moment when it happens. In my case it's actually more re-creating something that is already there, I have a few original songs, but mainly I was recording cover versions of my very favorite songs from better or less known bands of the 60s. I record music because it is fun to build up a song track by track, testing what could sound good together, It somehow develops itself, if I am possessed enough.

Infact, could you describe what are you doing, what is your music intention?
My recordings were never intended to be heard by an audience, it was just a development of skills, one side technical, and on the other hand of course playing music, checking out the possibilities, kind of a music diary.
      It always was a challenge to myself to find a way to reproduce the significant parts of the songs in my very own simple style. I go into the song structures, figure out what chords were used and how the instruments work together.

I wan't to hear more of Golly's music, what do I do?
My music can be heard on YouTube, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, MySpace, bandcamp, i-tunes, spotify, etc.
     But if you prefer to purchase my recordings on CD , there are 4 albums available:
 "We Do It In Time" (29 songs recorded 1995-1997)
     "Tropic Of Capricorn" (18 songs recorded 1998/99)
     "A Night Like This" (16 songs recorded 2000-2002) includes demos and unfinished songs
     "Shake My Hand - A Tribute To Merrell Fankhauser" (13 songs recorded 2008)
They will soon be available on a german underground record label but for the time being
     to purchase just write an email to  
  You had collaborations with Todd Dillingham, any chance you two make a new project?
Oh yes, I heard rumours about a planned new project with Todd, it might feature surprise guest musicians ;)
    So far i have no further info.

  Are you thinking of live shows?
I do not think about live shows in the next future, but you never know. Anything can be possible.

Share a personal secret?
I don't know if it's a big secret, but I created the artist name Golly McCry when i was about 12 or 13 years old. At that time I was looking for a good sounding artist name,  Golly was my nickname ever since I can think, so this already was given. I was much into Beatles music, and of course Paul McCartney influenced me much, I took the "Mc" from his name and added "Cry" to this, which came from the early Beatles instro "Cry For A Shadow".  Hey and there is another "secret" connected. I play guitar lefthanded, although I am righthanded. That is also the "fault" of Sir Paul McCartney ;) I loved the look of his Höfner violin bass guitar, and noticed he was lefty, I always was imitating those poses and gestures of Paul, and when I taught myself to play guitar I kept that habit to play lefthanded  :)

Message for our viewers?
Always stay a child inside and believe in your dreams, they can come true, if you are true to yourself.
    Just like I fulfilled my own dream to be a musician.
I would like to thank all of my friends that supported me on my way.
    What would I be without you? :)

Well, you heard the man... 
Remember your friends...
Keep believing and stay true to yourself...
 Thank you for visiting.

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